The launch point

The River Ouse leaves Barcombe Mills and heads Northwards.

At the fork, limbo under the bridge and continue upstream. You can return via the left-hand fork.

At the locks its time to portage the kayaks on river right.

Portage the kayaks.

Above the locks is a gague, much higher that a 7 and you'll struggle to limbo under the bridge by the Anchor Inn. In this case walk further up and put in just beyond the bridge.

The launch spot above the locks is just big enough for one boat in the summer.

The Anchor Inn, a nice place to stop for food and a pint.

The limbo bridge!

The upper section of the River Ouse, starts to get more wild and overgrown.

Take the right hand fork to Isfield Weir.

Relaxing at Isfield Weir.

On the return journey a couple of hundred meters from the lock, you can take the right-hand fork for an adventurous route back. This is also slightly shorter.

Enjoying the local wildlife.

The forks re-joining at the very first bridge and its 5mins back to the start point.